From 2006 until the present -  Gyrotonic Coach for the Ballett Ensemble of the Staatsoper Hannover.

Mónica García Vicente encourages in her Gyrotonic training and coaching to demonstrate and develop correct body posture: 

Posture is established through the bodies centre point, from this point the bodies physical stance is established and an overall centering of energy. The understanding of the bodies overall stance leads to both presence and credibility on the stage.  This type of training and coaching can be beneficial to musicians, singers and dancers. The training incorporates defining the students goals, so that the training measures correspond to the individual professional reality and the profile of the client.  The participants are provided with a wide variety of stage situations which they can work on in a comfortable environment to be able to develop and grow. Mónica’s aim in her coaching sessions is to create a bridge between the artists and  the audiences. She believes in supporting each individual in achieving their personal and professional goals and allow them to achieve their personal best. The process is always completely individual and based around the clients concerns, ambitions and goals. The initial meeting of thirty minutes or the first half an hour of a coaching session is free of charge so Mónica is able to communicate and establish if both her and  the client are able to work emotionally and physically in productive manner towards the clients long term goals.  

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